We turn architectural ambitions into reality

We are proud to offer custom-designed glass and facade solutions for unique projects. Our expertise and solutions span a wide range. With our innovative approach, we have developed custom-designed solutions in collaboration with leading architects and developers for iconic projects such as: Villa GUG, FLUGT Museum and NOMA 2.0.

For us, working with glass and facade solutions is the land of opportunity - and our belief is that anything is possible.
Vi forvandler arkitektoniske ambitioner til virkelighed

Vi er stolte over at tilbyde specialdesignede glas- og facadeløsninger til unikke projekter. Vores ekspertise og løsninger spænder bredt. Med vores innovative tilgang har vi udviklet specialdesignede løsninger i samarbejde med førende arkitekter og bygherrer til ikoniske projekter såsom: Villa GUG, FLUGT Museum og NOMA 2.0.

For os er arbejdet med glas- og facadeløsninger mulighedernes land - og vores overbevisning er, at alt kan lade sig gøre.
Glas Fins

Glass fins are one of our unique solutions as they act as load-bearing structures and absorb wind load or snow pressure on facades and skylights. By integrating glass fins, a minimalist and exclusive look is achieved. Our glass roofs and skylights are custom designed and can be adapted to any shape and size. An elegant solution that invites sunlight, nature and the surrounding environment inside.
Solutions with aesthetics and functionality in focus
Skylights and glass roof constructions

We can create cylindrical curved thermal glass façades with minimal vertical visibility or façades where the wind load is transferred through glass for an ultra-transparent aesthetic. We're also experienced with thermal glass at impressive heights of up to 11 meters in one piece.
Clamped facades

Our expertise also includes clamped facades, where glass is clamped in to provide stability and avoid vertical profiles. This approach creates both aesthetic beauty and functionality - especially when the façade cannot be attached to a roof structure due to movement or downward bending.
Custom glass screens

We pride ourselves on creating custom-designed glass screens in different shapes and sizes. We dare to challenge the impossible and create unique and durable solutions. Our glass screens can be adapted to an underlying wood or steel structure and are an impressive element in any design.
Explore some of our unique references; Villa GUG, FLUGT Museum, Himmerland Resort Multihal and NOMA 2.0 to see our craftsmanship and design in practice.

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