Brave specialists with a sense of aesthetics

The Nordic Glass Solution team consists of passionate, perfectionist and ambitious people with many years of experience in facade design, glass facades, building envelopes and project planning, as well as demanding construction management and complex installation.

We possess a high level of professionalism and expertise in all phases of the process and deliver thoughtful, custom-designed solutions of the highest quality.

Who we are

Our mission
To develop and realize unique and tailor-made facade solutions with aesthetics in focus.

Our culture and values
With Scandinavian roots, we have a deep passion for Nordic architecture and aesthetic facades, where high professionalism, honesty and cross-disciplinary collaboration are in focus. Our ambition is to be the best and preferred façade partner for those who want to realize magnificent architectural projects.
The passion for glass is deeply felt and extends down to the smallest detail. The combination of glass's qualities, complexity and aesthetics makes glass geekery the key through which we create unique solutions for iconic projects. For us, working with glass and facades is the land of opportunity. We have a huge creative drive and no vision is too big. We dare to go the extra mile and make the impossible possible.
For us, transparency is an important concept, which is reflected in our internal culture and flat company structure, and which forms the basis for the choice of partners, subcontractors and materials for each unique project. In close collaboration with architects, clients, contractors and craftsmen, we cherish open dialog and good relations so that together we can deliver an outstanding result.
Everything we develop is custom-designed glass and facade solutions based on the specific project's master plan, architecture, wishes and needs - in other words, we never develop two completely identical solutions. The freedom to dream, unfold, challenge and innovate is essential to our development and results. We are constantly moving and curious about new, sustainable ways to develop both our business and custom solutions.

Our partners